Reconstruction of house 40, one out of 53 houses at the ringfort of Sandby borg. Within this house, eight humans have been fond, all slain and left lying. So far the osteological analysis have detected no females among the dead, though some individuals are too young to be determined. The ringfort was abandoned after the massacre in the end oh the 5th century AD.

Medieval foundation at Rostockaholme 2014

17th century road in Växjö 2015

Part of a pre-historic road found at Hossmo 2014, south of Kalmar.

Lower part of an viking age pithouse found at Hossmo 2014, south of Kalmar.

One end of the admirality basement at Kalmar Castle.

The medieval entrance to the Iron age ringfort on Öland, Sweden.

Clearance cairn that was first presumed to be a so called "Misterhultare", a grave.