Prizes and awards

Here we present awards, nominations and prizes that the Kalmar County Museum as an organization or employee at the Kalmar County Museum has received. 

Kalmar municipality's equality award 2022

Every year Kalmar municipality awards prizes to an association or organization, a company or individuals to draw attention to good examples in equality, integration and accessibility. Winners of Kalmar municipality's external gender equality award 2022 went to Pia-Lena Björnlund, museum educator from the Kalmar County Museum and Helen Nilsson, special expert on gender equality/development leader children's rights from the County Administrative Board Kalmar County for their work with the podcast series Light on Women.

Motivation of the jury 

"Light on women - The County Board of Kalmar County and the Kalmar County Museum pay tribute to and demonstrate the importance of uplifting the women who have gone before us in gender equality work. The women highlighted in the podcast have throughout history fought for the right to vote, the right to take a seat and the right to a democratic society. Light on women is about shining a light on them because they deserve it and because history is part of our democracy. The work has been carried out with great curiosity and taking part in the history of women before us is important."

Presentation of the winners of Kalmar municipality's awards 2021 (, new window)

Bergdala Glastekniska Museum's prize 2021

The Bergdala Glastekniska Museum's prize is awarded to the person who they judge has made the best effort of the year to highlight the Kingdom of Glass as an interesting destination for industrial history. When this prize was awarded for the first time in 2021, it went to Susann Johannisson, building antiquarian at the Kalmar county museum. 

Motivation of the jury

"For having in an excellent way documented and made available knowledge about the techniques used throughout the ages in the manual glass industry in Småland. "

Bergdala Glass Technology Museum's website (new window)

Ölandsklubben in Stockholm's Stora pris 2021

The Öland Club in Stockholm's Grand Prize 2021 went to the Kalmar county museum's Helena Victor, unit manager for Museum Archeology Southeast and project manager for the excavations of Sandby Castle. 

Motivation of the jury

"About 1,500 years ago, an extremely brutal massacre occurred in Sandby Castle. The archaeologists have found the remains of murdered men, boys and babies. Some of the bodies have probably been desecrated. Along with the murdered, untouched, sometimes artistically designed possessions have been found. The dead seem to have been left where they fell. No funerals have taken place.  More precisely, what happened in the castle, why exactly these people were murdered and where the women have gone, are questions that continue to engage the archaeologists. The excavations began in 2010 and have since continued to varying extents. Thanks to the unique findings on the southeast coast of Öland, the massacre has become world news.  By giving the prize to Helena Victor, the project manager for the excavations of Sandby Castle, the Öland Club wants to draw attention to the great importance of the work in order to provide further understanding of Öland's history. In addition, the Öland Club wants to, with the attention that its Grand Prize usually gives, urge institutional funders of the excavations as well as sponsors and others involved, to speed up the opportunity for the people of our time".

Ölandsklubben i Stockholm's website (new window)

Selected for Travelers' choice 2020

In 2020, the Kalmar county museum won the "Travelers' Choice" award. Tripadvisor awards Travelers' Choice awards to accommodations, attractions, and restaurants that receive great reviews from travelers and are in the top 10 percent on Tripadvisor.

KFS award for business benefit to society 2016

Kalmar County's museum has received a second prize from the employer organization KFS (Kommunala Företagens Samorganisation) for its commercial benefit to society.

Motivation of the jury

"Kalmar County Museum has invested in the development of a new part of the business with great potential to create social benefit and contribute to sustainable development, based on the unique competence found in the organization. This is through efforts to increase people's understanding of what affects social development and promote tolerance and integration, which are decisive success factors for a sustainable future. Kalmar County Museum's innovative operational development simultaneously generates business benefits and strengthens its own economy. They also show a holistic approach to sustainability work through proactive initiatives for reduced climate and environmental impact in the local community. All in all, this makes Kalmar County's museum well worth an honorary award for business benefit to society."