Swish a gift

You can easily and quickly support our work by swishing any amount. Your gift goes directly to our business. In 2023 and 2024, the gifts will mainly go to our new upcoming exhibition.

In order for you to be able to swipe money, you need to have the Swish app on your mobile or other device. Make sure that the Kalmar county museum or Museimagasinet is listed as the recipient. You must approve the gift through your mobile bank ID.

We save your mobile number to be able to administer your gift but also to give feedback on how your support makes a difference. By your payment, you consent to your personal data being processed in accordance with ours privacy policy.

Our Swish numbers

Do you like our podcast? Simply swipe a gift to Museimagasinet! 

Swish number: 123-235 85 21

Do you want to support our business? Swish a gift to the Kalmar county museum. 

Swish number: 123-393 05 26

This is how you give a gift with Swish

  1. Open the Swish app on your smartphone or tablet or by scanning the QR code and clicking the "pay button". 
  2. In the "Recipient" field, enter the Swish number.  
  3. Enter the amount you want to contribute. 
  4. Click on the "swisha button" and sign with mobile Bank ID. 

Without the support of our supporters, it would have been impossible to achieve all the successes. Thanks for being a part of everything we do!

Companies and organizations

Does your company or your association, foundation or organization want to support our activities? Please contact Örjan Molander, museum director at Kalmar County Museum, via orjan.molander@kalmarlansmuseum.se or 0480-45 13 05, to discuss which options are available.