Solberga, Köpingsvik

In the Köpingsvik area on Öland, there are extensive and rich archaeological remains that can tell about what the buildings and life have looked like on the site from the Stone Age (Mesolithic, about 12,000–6,000 years ago) to the Middle Ages (from about 500–1200). From historical sources and previous archaeological research, we know that Köpingsvik was an important trading place during this period.

A large number of archaeological investigations have been carried out in Köpingsvik over the years and the most recent was carried out during the summer of 2021. The investigation was carried out prior to the construction of a small residential complex within the Solberga 4: 2 property. Remains from the Late Viking Age and the early Middle Ages were found within the property that was examined. During several investigations in the Köpingsvik area, a beach wall has been found which is now hidden under the ground. This was also the case here and similar beach walls have been observed in other similar trading places from the same time as e.g. Birka, Hedeby and Ribe. In addition to the beach wall, remains in the form of post holes from buildings, hearths, a pit house and a waste ditch were also examined.

In 2022, the report for this assignment will be completed.

Location: Köpingsvik, Borgholm municipality

Responsible: Jhonny Therus

Started: 2019