Services and reference assignments

Most of our assignments are in connection with the county administrative board making decisions on archaeological investigations, preliminary investigations or investigations based on the fact that a work company, such as wiring, site, house or road construction, requires a permit in accordance with the Cultural Environment Act. But we also offer a variety of services to other authorities, companies and individuals who do not require permission from the county administrative board. On request, we produce different types of knowledge base, environmental impact assessments and cultural environment assessments for planned work companies or community building projects. We also make inventories and so-called investigations step 1, which usually include landscape analyzes, map and archive studies and / or inventory or site inspection. The purpose of such an investigation is to produce knowledge if there are unknown or known ancient monuments that can be affected by the company and thus require permission from the county administrative board.

Best in place

Several of our archaeologists can offer specialist expertise in various areas, including lithic analysis, landscape and environmental impact assessments for wind power establishments, digital documentation with 3D scanning, mediation and sustainable urban development and design with a cultural environment as a resource.

As part of Kalmar County Museum, we have an assignment for knowledge building in the counties where we operate, and we can therefore offer several services linked to this. On request, we take assignments such as signage of ancient monuments and cultural history environments, production of information and popular science writings and books, guided tours and tours of cultural history sites and environments, digital guides (so-called Story maps) for specific places and environments. We also do study circles and commissioned training in archeology.