The shipwreck in the Eldaren neighborhood, University Quay Kalmar

When a marine biology laboratory was to be built within the Eldaren block on Barlastholmen in Kalmar in 1997, the hull of an approx. 21 meter long shipwreck. Archaeologists from Kalmar County Museum were called to the site to document the unique find. The shipwreck turned out to belong to a type of transport and merchant ship from the 18th century. This type of ship has its origins in a Dutch shipbuilding tradition that is generally referred to as the galiot. Due to the fact that the planned construction would not affect the shipwreck, it had to remain protected in the ground for almost 21 years. But when the new campus area for Linnaeus University was to be built on the site, the shipwreck saw the light of day again. This time, the 38-tonne shipwreck had to be moved to make room for the new university library. Archaeologists from Kalmar County Museum were called once again to document and investigate the find with newer methods and to monitor the exceptional work company.

Although the wreck is well protected in a new place underground, you can see the shipwreck at the place where it once lay. You use your own mobile phone to see a 3D model of the wreck when you visit the university library.

You can also read more about the wreck, and other wrecks found in the same place, and why they were where it was in the report "The wrecks in the Eldaren neighborhood".

Location: Kalmar

Responsible: Nicholas Nilsson, Lars Einarsson (archeology), Ivonne Dutra Leivas (public)

Year: 2018/2019