Explore Kalmar County's history and present with the help of the museum's collections and knowledge! The collections at Kalmar County Museum consist of objects, wallpaper, ceramics, textiles, art, photographs, archival documents, archaeological finds, advertising material and much more. The collections contain about one million objects that provide opportunities for stories, facts, knowledge and experiences about people's lives, conditions, societies, experiences from different perspectives. The objects date from the Old Stone Age to modern times.

Kalmar County Museum's collections are valuable material that belongs to all of us who live in Kalmar County. Through the museum's digital museum, exhibitions, lectures and together with researchers and schools, we work to make our collections and our knowledge of Kalmar County's common cultural heritage as accessible as possible for both current and future generations. A large part of the museum's collections can be viewed digitally through our databases. In a digital museum, you can browse, search and view around 90,000 images yourself.