Krusenstiernska archive

The Krusenstierna Family Archive was donated to Kalmar County Museum in 1982 by Philip Herman von Krusenstierna's children and grandchildren. The actual handover took place in 1991. Philip Herman von Krusenstiernska (1875-1938) was a major in the profession and an avid collector. His grandfather Carl Mauritz von Krusenstiernska settled in Kalmar and his aunt, Hermina von Krusenstiernska, lived on the Krusenstiernska farm in Kalmar.

At a mature age, genealogy and family history became Philips' main interest and he collected, among other things, personal documents, letters, photographs and books from the Krusenstierna family, which were knighted in 1649 and distributed to several countries. The result is a family archive that contains unique material of cultural-historical interest, for example about people such as the Russian world navigator Adam Johan, the Admiral and Prime Minister Henning Wilhelm Mauritz, the colonel and East Indiaman Mauritz Salomon, and the author Agnes. At the same time, the traces of the family's many life stories bear witness to changing living conditions and customs for almost 4 centuries. The archive is still supplied with material from later generations.

On request, visits can be arranged for researchers. Family members are primarily welcome at the annual archive day that the family association organizes.

Questions about the family and the archive's content can be sent to the family association's chairman Otto von Krusenstierna at the e-mail address