Order pictures

You are welcome to order copies of most of the images from the museum's photo collections for private use, research and publication. Pictures can be found in our digital database (Digital Museum) where you also place your order. Unfortunately, not all pictures can be sold as some of the photographs have other rights holders than the museum. However, we can arrange contact with the right holder.

You only buy the right to use the image in a specific context that you and the museum agree on. For each additional occasion the image is to be used, you need to apply for permission.

The images are delivered digitally. You get a digital file that holds for printing in A4. Contact us and we can help you scan for larger formats.

Can't find what you are looking for or need help? Contact us with your questions and wishes.

Terms of use

Some of our images are free to use. You can see this by the fact that they are possible to download directly. For technical reasons, however, those found on the web rarely go for printing or publishing. Contact us to get a high resolution file. Even if this is not protected by copyright, we charge a fee corresponding to 15 working minutes in the production fee. This also includes basic retouching.

However, many images in Kalmar County Museum's collections are protected by copyright law. In the vast majority of cases, Kalmar County Museum has the copyright, but not always. Then officials in the house decide if the picture can be sold. In some cases, the author or his heirs may own the rights. In these cases, it is you as the buyer who must obtain the necessary permits to use the image. However, we can arrange contact.

When using an image, always enter the name of the photographer and the museum.

Once you have purchased a copy of the image, it is your sole responsibility as a buyer to comply with these laws:

  • Act on the Copyright of Literary and Artistic Works (1960: 729; 2005: 359; 2005: 360).
  • The Personal Data Act (1998: 204, 2006: 398).
  • Law on names and images in advertising (1978: 800).

Price list

The price of an image varies depending on how you want to use it.

Price example for private individuals: SEK 300 per image including VAT.

Free image for legal entity: SEK 240 plus VAT.

For copyrighted images, the cost after use varies between SEK 800 - 12,000. This then includes retouching.

Contact us for the price of your order!