Photographic collections

In the photo archive, there are approximately 1 million positive, negative and slide images, all of which relate to the county's history. There are motifs on everything from buildings and communities to portraits and historical events. The oldest picture is from 1855 and the youngest is from the 1990s. Over time, we will also link digitally born images to the collection.

The Kalmar County Museum's photo archive has the task of caring for, preserving and making available analogue photographs of cultural-historical interest for Kalmar County.

The pictures have come into the museum's possession in many different ways. Some are taken in the service while some are gifts from photographers or their relatives, such as Allan Bernving's collection. Some are included in other gifts, for example in connection with a change of inheritance where the heirs have seen that part of the inheritance is to the benefit of more than themselves and some, such as aerial photos, have been purchased. Finally, we have all the pictures we received as a gift from individuals when they found one or more pictures in cabinets and drawers. All this forms our collection.

Kalmar County Museum has its own department for photo documentation and has for a long time worked to digitize and make the collections available.

We sell and give advice

We sell published images ready for printing or printing to the general public as well as researchers and authors. We can also give advice on how to best store and store your private photos in the best way.

Search on your own in the photo collection

To date, there are approximately 90,000 images in our digital database, DigitalMuseum, where you can search for images yourself. If you find an interesting picture, you can order and buy copies. Can't find what you're looking for or need help? Contact us with your questions and requests.

Donate photos

Do you have photographs that you can tell about and that you think fit in our collection? Feel free to contact us with information about the pictures you have. If they complement our existing collection, we are happy to accept them.