Kalmar County Industrial Heritage

Fine factories! 

These 11 publications describe Kalmar County's industrial historical environments. Below you will find documents to read, download and print. Impressed by the richness of our industrial heritage and go exploring among factories, at home on the couch or out in real life!

The "Kalmar County Industrial Heritage" project was completed in 2009. It was a collaborative project between the Kalmar County Museum, the County Board of Kalmar County and the Regional Association of Kalmar County, which has been ongoing since 2000. The municipal "Industrial Heritage Programs" that you will find below have been developed together with the municipalities and with the help of the local community associations. They show the most interesting industrial environments from a cultural and historical point of view: active industries as well as industrial museums, both leftover and reused factories. They also report on the main features of industrial history and what has been done so far for industrial heritage in each municipality.

PS: Within the project, the book "Industrins tidevarv - akan mainlinier i Kalmar läns industriala utveckling", by the historian Jan Christensen, has previously been produced, which can be purchased through the Kalmar läns museum's museum shop for 100 kroner. Lotta Lamke, antiquarian.


Borgholm municipality's industrial heritage (pdf)

Emmaboda municipality's industrial heritage (pdf)

Hultsfred Municipality's industrial heritage (pdf)

Högsby municipality's industrial heritage (pdf)

Kalmar municipality's industrial heritage (pdf)

Mönsterås municipality's industrial heritage (pdf)

Mörbylånga municipality's industrial heritage (pdf)

Nybro municipality's industrial heritage (pdf)

Oskarshamn Municipality's industrial heritage (pdf)

Vimmerby municipality's industrial heritage (pdf)

Västervik Municipality's industrial heritage (pdf)