The bird museum in Ottenby

The bird museum in Ottenby was designed by the architect Jan Gezelius and built in 1960-1961. The museum is dedicated to the sea and the sky – it is a flying house temporarily anchored to the ground. The building attracted great appreciation and was noted for the fusion of building, color and light. It is an exhibition building where the walls function as exhibition screens and the glazed slits between the wall sections allow them to stand freely in the surrounding light.

The museum building was declared a building monument in 1999. The roof was previously redone.

Mission: Antiquarian participation

Year: 2015

Location: Ottenby, Mörbylånga municipality

Responsible: Ulrika Haraldsson

Client: Swedish Ornithological Association, Ottenby Bird Station

Report: Antiquarian involvement in replacing the roof at the bird museum in Ottenby (pdf)