Bötterum home village park

Bötterum's inn, together with the old courthouse, creates an overall courtyard image next to road 34 between Ålem and Högsby. The market stall and barn have been protected as a building monument since 2010 and are included in the building declaration; Bötterums tingshus m.fl. buildings. Today, the area functions as a local history park and has been owned since 1947 by the local community association in Långemåla. Unique to Bötterum is that so many of the houses are in their original place.

The market stall and barn are included in the building monument declaration and were renovated in 2016 and 2017.

It is not known when the market stall was built, but it may be from the first half of the 19th century. The attic has been used as a magazine, e.g. for grain, the ground floor has functioned as a market stall and the basement has functioned as a storage space for, among other things, root vegetables. In 2016, the roof was redone and the basement floor was renovated. The renovation aimed to secure the construction so that it can be preserved and used.

The barn in Bötterum was probably built sometime during the beginning of the 20th century (1900–1920) and was part of Tingshuset's farm facility. It is popularly called the "little barn" as there has previously been a much larger barn on the farm. The building functioned as a barn at the time of construction, and in the 1990s parts of it were converted into stables. In between, the building also had a function as a garage and workshop. In 2018, the roof was replaced, new ventilation hoods were installed and the panel for the barn was replaced.

Mission: Antiquarian involvement in restoration

Year: 2017

Location: Bötterum, Högsby municipality

Client: Långemåla hembygdsförening

Responsible building antiques: Ellen Ronsten and Ulrika Haraldsson