Kyrkeby old distillery

For a couple of years, the old distillery building at Kyrkeby distillery has been renovated in collaboration with Vissefjärda Hembygdsförening and thanks to a grant from the County Administrative Board in Kalmar County. Kyrkeby bränneri is said to have been started by Kronofogde Gösta Persson sometime during the 18th century. According to what is said, he received special permission in 1771, from King Gustav III himself. Patron Malmström built a new, much larger distillery next to the old one in the middle of the 19th century. Production was kept going until 1971 when the state forced all small distilleries in the country to close. Since then, Kyrkeby has been a museum distillery.

"Kyrkeby farm and distillery" has been protected as a building monument since the year 2000. The facility includes 28 buildings, with distillery, malthouse, spirit cistern building, workers' housing, manor house, garden, an English park and much more. The entire environment is intact and well preserved. Kyrkeby received the Industrial Memorial of the Year award in 2002.

Mission: Antiquarian participation in renovation

Year: 2017-2018

Location: Vissefjärda, Emmaboda municipality

Client: Vissefjärda home village association

Responsible building antique dealer: Susann Johannisson

Report: Antiquarian participation in the renovation of the frame and roof of the Kyrkeby old distillery (pdf)        

Brick pans from Bruatorp's brickworks.
Worn wood in the wall to the east and a clogged drain hole from the bath tub.
Replaced wood, seals with moss and cleaned drain hole.
Replaced wood, seals with moss and cleaned drain hole.
Sylve to the west after measures.
The room after action.
The washing pot after action. Photo: Göran Persson.
Kyrkeby old distillery. Photo: Göran Persson
Southwest corner before action. Daylight seeped in through the cracks in the wall.
Southwest corner after action. Worn wood was replaced and the joints were sealed with moss.