Port of Bottorp

Bottorp's harbor is located on a small promontory in the Kalmar Sound at the far east in Ljungby parish, Kalmar municipality. Included in the environment is an older residential building, a former pilot's residence, from 1897 on the south side of the road with two associated outbuildings from the same time. Kalmar municipality asked for the county museum's views before processing a case concerning new construction on the site. The new residential building would replace the old one. Bottorp's harbor is noted in the Kalmar municipality's cultural environment program and existing buildings are culturally historically valuable, which is why different interests clashed. In the early summer of 2019, the municipality decided to grant planning permission for the new residential building. The document below contains the museum's opinion on the matter.

Mission: Opinion on new construction

Year: 2019

Location: Kalmar, Kalmar municipality

Client: Kalmar municipality

Responsible: Örjan Molander

Document: Kalmar county museum's opinion on new construction in Bottorp harbor (pdf)

Pier at Bottorp harbour Pier at Bottorp harbour White house at Bottorp harbour Port of Bottorp