Cultural environment program for Västervik municipality

Kalmar County Museum has been working with Västervik Municipality since 2015 to update the municipality's cultural environment program. Västervik is Kalmar County's largest municipality in terms of area. The old cultural environment program from 1986 comprises 162 environments. All environments are visited again and those who are judged to be part of the new program receive a new description and history. Since the work covers so many environments, the municipality has been divided into stages and in 2020 we will do the last stage with an inventory in the field. In 2021, the material will be compiled. At present, the area descriptions of the completed stages are published on the municipality's website.

Mission: Development of cultural environment programs

Year: 2015-2021

Location: Västervik municipality

Client: Västervik municipality

Responsible building antique dealer: Magdalena Jonsson

Report: Proposal for a cultural environment profile for Västervik municipality (pdf)

Links: Västervik municipality's cultural environment program (, new window)