Glasriket's glass craft

It is not only talented glassblowers in the cabin that are needed to produce the Småland glass, but also glass cutters, potters, moulders, glass painters and experts in the important pressed glass. In a series of five writings, the Kalmar County Museum, with the help of a grant from the County Board of Kalmar County, and thanks to the help of several active craftsmen in the Kingdom of Glass (in Kalmar and Kronoberg counties), has been able to compile knowledge about the various processes, machines, tools and tricks required to be able to make cut glass, hand-thumbed clay tiles, wooden molds for glassblowing, painted glass and pressed glass. Read and be amazed!


The writings can be read and downloaded as pdf on this website. Some are printed and available for sale at the Kalmar county museum. You can order the writings from the Kalmar county museum shop via or 0480-45 13 00.

Crucible manufacturing in Orrefors

Crucible production in Orrefors is perhaps the last in the Nordic region. It is an example of an ancient phenomenon that has almost disappeared in the Kingdom of Glass. The building antiquarian report was carried out to document the process and the specially adapted premises in Orrefors while the operation is ongoing. A crucible takes at least twelve months to make.

Crucible production in Orrefors (pdf)

Crucible Production in Orrefors (pdf)

Wooden molds for glassblowing

The artisanal manufacturing of wooden molds for glassblowing that is done in Örsjö today is one of the last in the Nordic region. The production is an example of an archaic phenomenon that has almost disappeared in the Kingdom of Glass. The building antiquarian report was carried out to document the process and the work. The documentation has been made possible thanks to a contribution from the county government and thanks to great help from Gunnar Englund in Örsjö, Anders Karlsson from Orrefors and Thomas Jacobsson from Jacobsson's Formverkstad in Hovmantorp.

Wooden molds for glassblowing (pdf)

Wooden Molds for Glassblowing (pdf)

Ground and engraved glass

The ground and engraved glass was once the cornerstone among the products that were carefully and proudly wrapped in wood wool or straw before leaving the Småland Kingdom of Glass. This type of glass was also a reliable source of income. Large magnificent cut crystal pieces or crystal tableware with countless glasses, all intended for their special drink, reached buyers in Sweden or abroad. Behind these products hides a corps of professionals such as engravers, grinders and designers. The grinder's tool is the grinding wheel and the engraver's is historically the copper wheel and later the engraving pen. In this report, we focus on the engraved and decorative cut glass.

Ground and engraved glass (pdf)

Cut and Engraved Glass (pdf)

Pressed glass

Press glass is manufactured today in Glasriket, but to a very limited extent. The pressed glass has been described as the single largest invention in glassmaking during the 19th century. The invention has not won any matching status. On the contrary, the pressed glass was long seen as a cheap mass-produced product that had nothing to do with glass art and crafts of the high school.

Pressed glass (pdf)

Pressed Glass (pdf)

Stained glass in the Kingdom of Glass

The purpose of this publication is to describe the working techniques of stained glass today and to give an image of how stained glass has changed through materials, equipment and design during the 20th century. The aim has also been to try to give an image of what stained glass meant for the Kingdom of Glass and how the view of stained glass has changed. 

Stained Glass in the Kingdom of Glass (pdf)

Glass-painting in Orrefors (pdf)

Immerse yourself in the Kingdom of Glass

Tips for those interested in glass, we advise you on where you can find more information and material about the Kingdom of Glass.

Experience glassblowing

The kingdom of glass lives on all the time in new forms and on a different scale. There are still several places where you can experience glassblowing. 

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There are also several other museums and collections in the Glass Kingdom that may have information that interests you.