People's House in Åfors

Folkets hus in Åfors was built in 1956 according to drawings by architect Gösta Johannesson, Emmaboda. Many original building details remain since construction. Among other things, the floors in the ground floor and basement foyers with the original cladding of glass mosaics from Kosta glassworks. Many mosaic pieces had come off or were loose. Thanks to the fact that pieces of glass since construction were preserved in the building, these could be used for the renovation that was carried out in 2018.

Mission: Antiquarian participation in the renovation of glass mosaic floors

Year: 2018

Location: Åfors, Emmaboda municipality

Client: Åfors Folkets hus förening

Responsible building antique dealer: Jan Westergren

Report: Antiquarian participation in the renovation of glass mosaic floors (pdf)

Close-up of the damage in the southwest corner.
In the bucket is found glass mosaic that has been cleaned and used for floor renovation.
Basement foyer after remediation.
Close-up of the renovation in the upstairs foyer.