Charles XI's monogram

The city gate Kavaljeren is part of Kalmar city's fortifications and was completed in the 1690s.

The portal to the south is made of finely cut limestone. The centrally placed plaque with Charles XI's name and monogram shows the year 1697 and is carved in sandstone.

The crest of the portal and the stone tablet with Carl XI's name slate were conserved in 1991–1992.

In connection with the restoration of the gate in 2018, antiquarian participants found a drawing on the facade of Kavaljersporten. Remains of lime on the protruding side parts of the portal indicate that these parts were originally plastered. It is these parts that are colored pink in the drawing.

The drawing for the carefully designed facade to the south is assumed to have been drawn up by the fortification engineer Daniel Schmidt. In Manne Hofrén's book "Kalmar-Karolinska borgarhus i sten", Hofrén emphasizes in a note that there is no evidence that Schmidt really drew the facade and believes that it could also have been Tessin dy or Dahlberg.

The facade drawing was previously archived at Värnanäs, but is now at the Kalmar diocese and high school library.

In connection with the ongoing work at the Cavalry Games, winter 2018–2019, the Kalmar County Museum took 3D images of the monogram, to be able to send digitally to a conservator.

Mission: Production of 3D model

Year: 2018

Location: Kalmar, Kalmar municipality

Client: Kalmar municipality

Responsible building antique dealer: Jan Westergren

Link: View the monogram as a 3D model (, new window)