Lönneberga church

Lönneberga church was built in 1870-1872 with drawings by master builder Granqvist from Eksjö and processed by architect Johan Fredrik Åbom at the Office of the Superintendent.

The church was then built in a neoclassical style with a light plastered facade and a roof covered with iron sheeting.

Exterior renovation was carried out in 2016 due to noticed moisture problems in the church. Genuine and inactive house fungus could be found during the renovation, which is why two dehumidifiers were also installed in the crawl space. Renovation of the roof on all parts of the church as well as facade work on the tower were included in the renovation. The work could be expanded with the help of church antiquities compensation when the facades of the nave, as well as the painting of the doors and windows, were also renovated.

Mission: Antiquarian participation in exterior renovation

Year: 2017

Location: Lönneberga, Högsby municipality

Client: Aspeland's pastorate

Responsible building antique dealer: Liselotte Jumme

Report: Antiquarian participation in exterior renovation of Lönneberga church (pdf)