Overall building history investigation for Påskallavik and Vånevik

The settlement history investigation for the two communities Påskallavik and Vånevik in Oskarshamn municipality is now complete. On behalf of the municipality, the Kalmar County Museum has investigated how the buildings in the two coastal communities have developed and what distinguishes the buildings in different areas today. Both communities are part of the national interest "Em-Påskallavik - Vånevik". A review of the national interest is ongoing and the investigation has been produced as part of that work. One proposal is to give the national interest new boundaries and to rename it "Småland's stonemason's coast" in order to better focus on the core of the national interest, i.e. the stonemasonry industry.

Mission: Building history investigation

Year: 2015

Location: Påskallavik and Vånevik, Oskarshamn municipality

Responsible building antiques: Richard Edlund and Magdalena Jonsson

Client: Oskarshamn municipality

Report: Comprehensive settlement history investigation for Påskallavik and Vånevik (pdf)