Stensjö village

Winding gravel roads surrounded by hedgerows and lakes lead to Stensjö village. Unique to Stensjö village is the unaltered and preserved village environment. The village shows a clear example of what the late 19th century and early 20th century ideals looked like for a farm.

The owner of Stensjö village, the Vitterhetsakademin, ordered the work ahead of the application to make Stensjö village a cultural reserve. Cultural reserves are a form of protection to preserve valuable cultural landscapes. Compiled data for land use and natural values with building inventory and settlement analysis functioned as a knowledge base for the application to the county administrative board.

Mission: Building inventory and settlement analysis

Year: 2016

Location: Stensjö village, Oskarshamn municipality

Responsible building antiques: Magnus Johansson, Magdalena Jonsson

Client: Royal Academy of Wits

Report: Building inventory and settlement analysis of Stensjö village (pdf)

More information and inspiration: Watch a film about the work with the gardens in Stensjö village

The large room on the ground floor of the museum cottage. The room is furnished as it looked at the turn of the century.

View of Stensjö from the east.