Story map for the Old Cemetery in Kalmar

Experience the Old Cemetery in Kalmar in a new way! 

During the spring of 2018, the Kalmar county museum and Funeral services in Kalmar developed a web-based interactive map with information about the Old Cemetery in Kalmar. Now visitors can take part in the cemetery via the web. A QR code that links to the map is also available at the cemetery to guide you through the site's history and grave care.

Come along to medieval Kalmar and use the magnifying glass and see what is hidden beneath the surface!

See the Old Cemetery story map (

Mission: Creation of story map

Year: 2016

Location: Northern cemetery, Kalmar, Kalmar municipality

Responsible: Magdalena Jonsson and Nicholas Nilsson from the Kalmar County Museum and Birgitta Linåker, the Cemetery Administration in Kalmar

Client: Funeral services in Kalmar