The City Mission in Kalmar

Kalmar city mission on Södra Långgatan in Kalmar was a fairly anonymous house painted in 80s pink. When the facade needed to be redone, the coloring was restored to the one the house had in the 1880s. The house became a jewel along the street that makes many people raise their eyebrows!

Bremerska gården is also called the property after the man who first had a house built on the plot in the 17th century, Jürgen Bremer. The house got its present appearance in the 1880s when it began to be used as a printing house and later a newspaper editorial office for the Kalmar county newspaper and the newspaper Kalmar. From here, many of Kalmar city's news have been spread for almost 100 years! The renovation in 2016-17 was carried out with antiquarian participation from the Kalmar county museum.

Mission: Antiquarian participation in facade renovation

Year: 2016

Location: Kalmar, Kalmar municipality

Responsible building antique dealer: Liselotte Jumme

Report: Antiquarian participation in the renovation of Borgmästaren 11, so-called Bremerska gården in Kalmar (pdf)