Window renovation day - a day for all of Sweden and all our houses

The value and quality of older windows is unknown to many. Beautiful quality windows are often replaced with modern windows that are often made of materials with a short life span - or simply of materials that cannot be maintained, to the detriment of both the natural and cultural environment. The purpose of Window Renovation Day is to spread knowledge about the environmental, financial, aesthetic and sustainable benefits of caring for your windows. The activities arranged during the day should be inspiring and educational and convey practical knowledge on how to, for example, renovate and make your wooden windows more energy efficient.

The window renovation day is celebrated on May 30 every year. Behind the initiative are Sweden's County Museums, the Swedish Building Preservation Association and the National Antiquities Authority.

Visit the Window Renovation Day website (new window)

Ten reasons why we should renovate our windows

Within the project 'Window Renovation Day', the Swedish Building Preservation Society, the National Antiquities Authority and the County Museums Cooperation Council have developed ten clear arguments for window renovation.

Do you want to have something to say to the eager window changers in the condominium association, motivate your roommate or just help spread the word?

Download the commandments (pdf, new window)

The window of the future, renovate and save energy

As part of the 'Window Renovation Day' project, the Swedish Building Preservation Society, the National Antiquities Authority and the County Museums' Cooperation Council have also published the publication 'The Window of the Future'.

Do you want to get practical tips before the window renovation and read more about the overall perspective, pitfalls, U-values, wood quality, window glass, insulation and energy efficiency?

Download the brochure Framtidens Fönster (pdf, new window)

Podcast and videos about window renovation 

Welcome to take part in one podcast and films we have developed about window renovation. In the film series, we really scratch the surface of what you should think about when renovating your windows, or perhaps considering a window replacement? Why are windows important in an old building and why should you take care of them? Why is there so much interest in window renovation right now? Why do we love linseed oil, wood and putty?