Iron Age women

There are two models of Iron Age costumes. The suit on the left is based on the dress from Lønne Hede, the one on the right is inspired by finds from the women's grave in the Danish Huldremosen.

Lønne Hedemodellen
The skirt, sewn in wool twill, is adorned with a ribbon woven by hand in tray ribbon technique. Blouse and shawl are made of wool, the hood of unbleached linen. Leather shoes and necklaces with glass beads are available. The suit is available in ten different sizes and color schemes.

The Lønne Hedemodellen is a dress sewn in wool according to original measurements. On the head, the mannequin has a jagged hairnet made of plant-dyed yarn. Belt and leather shoes, as well as a necklace with glass beads are included. Two iron fibulae hold the suit together at the shoulders. We have ten of these "dress chabras" in different sizes and colors.

Costume rental

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