A farmer's diary from southern Öland

The farmer Eugén Åsenius in Mysinge wrote a diary about everything that was done on the farm for 40 years. Lennart Nilsson has now published his collected notes in newly published editions Mysingedagboken 1915–1956. A farmer's diary from southern Öland in close collaboration with Eugén's sons Anders and Mats. We get to take part in an Öland farmer's everyday life during an eventful period in society with increased mechanization, new crops and the introduction of both electricity and the telephone. The Second World War also casts its shadow over the South Öland village. We finish with a quiz with Ölandic dialect words - how sharp are you in Ölandic?


Lennart Nilsson, the book's editor

Date & time

11 October 2023 at 18:00


Kalmar county museum or digitally


  • On site: SEK 125, SEK 75 for those with an annual pass
  • Watch digitally: SEK 39