Historic cheese and bubble tasting

Welcome to a bubbly, rose-tinged evening, in the sign of love. The color pink is also the theme of the evening's drinks. We also offer cheeses from Öland, bats, love-promoting tricks and the occasional spell plucked directly from history. Your cicerones on the trip are cheesemaker Christer Delding from the dairy in Alby, sommelier Eva Nina Hammarskjöld, and antiquarian Gabriella Johansson who talks about wine, cheese and love from a cultural-historical perspective. 

Here is the night of the unexpected. Did you know, for example, that: A peasant who wanted permanent luck with the women would during Midsummer night dig up a turnip root with his right big toe and then always carry it in his waistcoat pocket? That the same pressure as in a tractor tire, about 6 bar - how high is the pressure in a champagne bottle? Or that in the old days you had to "try out" a bit, before it was time to decide and stand in front of the priest...?

A warm welcome to a cheese and wine tasting in the spirit of history and love❣

Date & time: Friday 2 February at 18:00 – 20:00

Place: Restaurant & Café Ångkvarnen, Kalmar county museum

Award: SEK 695