What is the real state of Sweden's and Kalmar's building heritage?

How is Kalmar's and Sweden's built heritage actually doing? Over the decades, quantities of handcrafted building details such as wooden doors, wooden windows, balconies and kitchens have been discarded in favor of new details with a short lifespan. How do relatively new materials such as aluminum and plastic affect the craftsmanship of the time? What consequences does this have for our opportunities to reach the climate goals?

Alfred Skogberg, chairman of the non-profit association Renoveringsraseriet, together with Gustav Bergström, has written the brand new book "Gör om Gör rätt - Landet round med Renoveringsraseriet". The two have visited 12 Swedish cities and researched, recorded, admired and marveled at the condition. One of the cities Skogberg has visited is Kalmar. "There is incredible architectural art here, but here too cultural history is distorted," says Alfred. During the evening, he talks about his discoveries. Liselotte Jumme, unit manager for the county museum's buildings unit, begins with a short presentation.

A warm welcome to a topical and urgent evening. The ticket revenue goes directly to Föreningen Renoveringsraseriet's work in influencing property owners, politicians, journalists and the public in matters of building maintenance.


Alfred Skogberg, chairman of the Association Renoveringsraseriet

About the renovation frenzy

The renovation fury is a non-profit association that works communicatively to inform property owners, politicians, journalists and the public about the value of preserving the well-built and beautiful exteriors and interiors that are increasingly threatened by ignorance and short-term profit interests.

With over 32,000 followers on Instagram the association has created a strong community for those who share their interest in period building details and question why so many want to throw them on the rubbish heap. 

Date & time

13 December 2023 at 18:00


  • On site: SEK 125 (with annual pass SEK 75)
  • Digital: SEK 39

Good to know

  • Be there no later than 10 minutes before the lecture starts.
  • The lecture is also broadcast live via KLM Play.