Scoring history quiz

Here we report the current score for this season's history quiz. The season, which runs from autumn 2023 to spring 2024, consists of six independent competitions with different themes where the evening's winners are chosen. In parallel, a seasonal competition runs where the teams' points are added up and where one team has the chance to win the title as the season's best quizzer! The more times you participate, the greater chance you have.

A team consists of 1–6 people at a time. Keep in mind that the team does not have to consist of the same team members at each quiz, as long as the team name and contact details are the same, you can change the team lineup during the season. Sometimes there are actually other musts in life, besides taking quizzes.

Poängställning efter omgång 3 av 6

A win gives four points, second place gives three points while third place gives two points.

If you didn't make the podium, don't be too sad, all participating teams outside the podium get one point each. The average on this quiz was 20 out of a possible 35 points, the winning team managed a total of 31 points.

Law Point
1. Potato quiz 9
2. The Kalabalik in Bender   7
3. Historieätarna 6
Scars 4
It stings when I take quizzes 4
Aqui y ahora 3
The boss club 3
The brewer 3
Team Skälltorp 3
The brewer 3
The lighthouse 3
Revsudden Sports Society 2
We guess 2
The deep divers + 1  1
Queen Quiztina 1
The oaks   1
Errare humanum est  1
The hammers 1
Team Tomteby 1
Lame kings 1
Lennartsson   1
Lennart's friends                         1
Ocham's knives                           1
Ola & Susann & Sara 1
The dirt  1
The soup man
Aw Maria 1 (new)
Fyra ovatande 1 (new)
Erlandsson  1 (new)
SaMiSaEv 1 (new)