Erik Höglund

Bubbles, breasts and brackish colors with Maja Heuer, founder of and former manager of The Glass Factory at Boda glass factory.

Erik Höglund, who joined Boda as a designer in 1953, revolutionized glass and production in the Glasriket. Together with Monica Backström, he also founded a design company that dealt with the design of furniture, utility items and household utensils for public environments. He was also a member of Vet Hut AB – a movement that was formed by ten of Boda glassworks' designers in addition to their regular work. As a sculptor, Erik Höglund executed a large number of public decorations in various materials.

Maja Heuer has previously told about Ulrika Hydman-Vallien's and Monica Backström's life and artistry in two previously appreciated lectures at the county museum. Now it's Erik Höglund's turn and his bubbles, breasts and fall colors!