Dressed on board

Dressed on board – The textile finds from the regal ship Kronan

With Berit Eklöf, textile antiquarian and Adam Norman, textile historian
When the royal ship Kronan sank off southeastern Öland in 1676, nearly 800 men perished in the cold water. A large part of their personal belongings have, due to the disaster, been preserved for posterity – so have clothes and textiles. Clothes and textiles are one such category of items that often do not survive the test of time on land - historically, clothes have been used, patched, mended and re-sewn until they were completely worn out. But in the oxygen-poor and cold waters of the Baltic Sea, quantities of textile fragments have been preserved - from silk bows and spools of thread to coats and trousers. This gives us a unique insight into 17th-century men's fashion and can also provide clues to how the society of the time worked.

During the evening, Berit Eklöf, textile antiquarian and Adam Norman, textile historian, will take you on a deep dive among the thousands of textile objects that have been found at the Kronan wreck site.