Ivar Kreuger and his famous Kalmar family

With Bengt Bengtsson, Kalmar historian

The Kreuger family came to Kalmar in the early 18th century. At first there were bakers and coppersmiths with the name Kreuger. Members of the family then entered shipping and later the match industry. Ivar Kreuger chose, after a master's degree in both civil engineering and mechanical engineering, to devote himself to the construction industry. His younger brother Torsten took care of the matches. Eventually, however, Ivar came to the match industry and in 1917 he became CEO of the newly formed Svenska Tändsticks Aktiebolaget. He came to control most of the world's match production from the Match Palace in Stockholm. However, the shooting in Paris on March 12, 1932 put an end to everything he had built up. Bengt Bengtsson talks during the evening about a well-known Kalmar family and a mythical fate that fascinates to this day.