This is how Ester Blenda Nordström's life became a theatrical performance

With Lotta Grut, playwright and screenwriter.

There are many of us who have been fascinated by the fate of Ester Blenda Nordström (1891-1948). The fearless journalist and pioneer who traveled the world on reporting trips, rode a motorcycle, smoked a pipe and wallraffed in a time when women had not yet received the right to vote. Ester Blenda's life has been depicted in books, documentaries, podcasts, exhibitions and in the theater performance Like a fucking sunshine with Anna-Lena Hemström. Lotta Grut wrote the script and lyrics for the popular and critically acclaimed play. During the evening, she talks about Ester Blenda Nordström's life and professional life and about the work of writing scripts and song lyrics for the performance.

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Lotta Grut

Playwright and screenwriter