This is how the people of Kalmar lived together on Kvarnholmen in the past

With Göran Tagesson, docent in historical archaeology, Uppsala University after a short introduction by Liselotte Jumme, head of the county museum's building unit.

How did people live together on Kvarnholmen in ancient times? Who built and how were the houses built? These are questions that are investigated in the interdisciplinary project Houses and social practices 1600-1850, which is run by Uppsala University and the Kalmar County Museum. Archaeologists, historians and a macrobotanist put together puzzles about how people lived in their houses in the past. In Kalmar, the Kullzénska huset, the Kreugerska huset, the Snöbergska huset, and the "Ströget" on Storgatan are put under the microscope. Liselotte Jumme begins with a brief historical review of how Kalmar's buildings have attracted researchers in the past as well. Göran Tagesson talks about what the research team has come up with so far.

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Göran Tagesson

Docent in historical archaeology