The friends from Långasjö

The friends from Långasjö – two women who wanted to change the world

With Annika and Sölve Hjalmarsson, Elisabeth Poulsen-Bergstrandsällskapet
"From Långasjö come two famous writers, Elisabeth Bergstrand-Poulsen and Gertrud Lilja. Otherwise, the people are industrious and tidy in every way.” So wrote a student in Långasjö school in the 1950s. The truth is that the two women above – who were both born in 1887, grew up in Långasjö and were close friends – were hardly on the lazy side.

They inspired each other to go out into the world and create careers as artists and writers. Both were successful – Elisabeth for her descriptions in text and above all images of the people in her home parish and for her visual art with religious motifs. Gertrud for her novels and short stories with strong portraits of women and a sharp criticism of the patriarchal society. Annika and Sölve Hjalmarsson talk during the evening about two pioneering women. The focus will be on Elisabeth Bergstrand-Poulsen's life and artistry.