We remember the siblings Kullzén

With Helen Andersson, pedagogue at Kalmar county museum and Peter Danielsson, Claes Ågren, Örjan Molander, Bengt Bengtsson, Stig Enström and Maud Lindegårdh, editorial committee for Kristoffergillet's annual chronicle.

Do you remember the siblings Kullzén? Henning with his antiquarian and Signe in her paper shop? Now the Kalmar family Kullzén will be portrayed in Kristoffergillet's next yearbook.

The evening begins with the county museum's pedagogue Helen Andersson talking about the lives and works of the Kullzén siblings in a personal storytelling program. The siblings lived and worked in the same property for the rest of their lives. The relationship between them was sometimes quite strained, but when the cooperative wanted to buy their house before the establishment of the large Domus department store in the block, they stubbornly stuck together and refused to sell.

After the narration, you as an audience are warmly welcome to share your own memories. Feel free to bring photographs or other memorabilia if you have them. Your contribution is valuable for the work on the yearbook.

The broadcast starts at the appointed time. The lecture may start a little later.