Gustav Vasa's landing on Stensö cape in Kalmar

These days it is exactly 500 years since the future king Gustav Vasa stepped ashore at Stensö udde in Kalmar. The landing on 31 May 1520 has been commemorated with several different monuments over the centuries. But why was the landing so important? How do you know it really took place? And did Gustav Vasa know that he would become King of Sweden already when he set foot on solid ground a few kilometers south of Kalmar Castle? A large part of the program time is devoted to answering the unusually large number of listener questions. Among other things, we learn something about how Gustav Vasa was as a real husband to his three wives. We explain this in our podcast museum magazine! Participating are historian Peter Danielsson, presenter Maria Kanje and Andreas Juhl are responsible for the technology. Much pleasure!

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