JAGS - farmer, sailor and artist

JAGS - farmer, sailor and artist Who was Johan August Gustafsson, JAGS and what did his art mean? JAGS lived 1852-1932 and almost always in Segerstad parish on southeast Öland. He was a farmer and sailor, but above all he was an artist, sculptor and cabinetmaker. All his life besides farming he used to sculpt in materials he found in the lake and on the beach. The sea and boats were an important part of his life.

With Peter Danielsson, local history consultant, Kalmar County Local Government Association, Hans Gurstad-Nilsson, composer, Marianne Hedelin, JAGS Museum, Bernt Johansson, JAGS Museum, Per Nyström, cellist. Recording and production by Andreas Juhl, Kalmar County Museum.

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