Life and death in the bail

Now we are back with another exciting episode about Sandby castle. This time we talk about how archeology can reveal who lived in and around the castle and about the conditions for them. We especially embrace the women's perspective. So far, no less than seven gilded relief buckles have been found in jewelry hides in seven different houses in the castle. This type of jewelry is strongly associated with women but also with an elite. Not everyone wore them, nor at any time. Is it likely that so many women from the absolute top tier belonged to the same region? And why have so few women been found on bail?

The host is Pia-Lena Björnlund for Kalmar County Museum and our guests are Helena Victor Head of Unit for Museum Archeology Southeast, Kalmar County Museum, archaeologist, Ph.D. and project manager for Sandby castle and Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay, Senior Lecturer at Linnaeus University and project manager for Sandby castle.

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