Oskarshamn Seminar 2020 - about the forest's imprint in our cultural heritage

The forest in Kalmar county has left, and still leaves, a big mark on our cultural heritage. The forest and man have created jobs and lifestyles through, among other things, coaling, tar production and floating. This year's Cultural Heritage Seminar in Oskarshamn would have been held with the theme of the Forest. But like many other things, this has physically had to be cancelled. Instead, we want to inspire people to get out into the cultural landscape. In this program we talk about forest hiking trails in Kalmar county, with a little extra focus on the trails in Krokshult and Barkesström. Like the seminar, this program is a collaboration between the Kalmar County Museum and the County Board of Kalmar County. What kind of cultural environments and remains can you see if you go out into the forest? Where can you find large and small trails in the county? What is a clinging cabin and how do you spot a carbon bottom?

Program manager, Linda Liljeberg
Technique and mix by Andreas Juhl