The largest shipbuilding!

At noon on June 1, 1676, the royal ship Kronan capsized, exploded and sank during a battle between the Swedish and the united Danish-Dutch fleet. The ship capsized in the strong southwest wind when facing the enemy, probably due to too little reduction on the sail. The collision took place 6 km outside the village of Hulterstad on southeastern Öland. The downfall of the krona is one of the biggest shipwrecks in Swedish history. Of the 850-strong crew, only about forty survived. How did it come about that they decided to build the supership Kronan and how did it go? Lars Einarsson, project manager for the Crown Investigations, tells in part one of our series about the Crown about the history behind the Crown's origin and the people in the ship's vicinity. The host is Pia-Lena Björnlund, educator for Kalmar County Museum. Recording and editing Andreas Juhl.

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