Uddenberg - Nordingska stiftelsen

In 1914, Maja Uddenberg and a companion bought the old bailiff residence in Vickleby on Öland. It was the starting point for the legendary Bo guest house. The companion disappeared from the picture early on, but Maja came to run boarding house operations on the site until the early 1970s. As early as the 1920s, the guest house became a meeting point for artists. William Nording and Arthur Percy and others eventually came here to leave their mark on Bo and its history. The former married Maja Uddenberg in the mid-1930s, which further contributed to cultural life. After the deaths of William and Maja in 1956 and 1972 respectively, the Uddenberg-Nordingska foundation was established with the aim of promoting artistic education and teaching, among other things.

Participants: Maria Södergren, Hans Svensson and Ingmar Hedin, representatives of the Uddenberg-Nordingska foundation
Lisbeth Svensson, chairperson, Kalmar county's home development consultant
Peter Danielsson, homestead consultant, Kalmar county's homestead association. Recording: Stefan Siverud. Production: Andreas Juhl, both Kalmar County Museum. 

About the purpose of the foundation: To promote the care of the needy elderly, sick and sick, where possible needy and sick artists are given priority; to promote scientific teaching and research, whereby the subjects of ancient knowledge, botany and ornithology are given priority and; to promote artistic education and teaching.

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