Educational programs within KLaB

Within the framework of KLaB, we offer guided tours/class visits or workshops free of charge for schools in Kalmar municipality. The only thing you need to do is book the visits. 

Expect a visit to take about 1-1.5 hours. The visit is to the Kalmar county museum or the school.

Booking information

Send me an email, Enter your request and phone number and I will contact you.

Our range for autumn 2022 and spring 2023

Educational programs within KLaB for autumn 2022 and spring 2023 (pdf)

Christmas at Jenny Nyström's 

In the exhibition you meet Jenny's housekeeper who tells you about how Christmas was celebrated in Jenny's time.

We offer this program only in the fall of 2022. 

Target group: Years F–3

The children's super crown

In a light-hearted way, we talk about the regal ship Kronan then and now.

Target group: F-3

Valuable tales

Through fairy tales/stories, we get to grips with the basic value work. The stories provoke discussions about right and wrong. We work with issues of empathy, friendship, everyone's equal value and democracy.

Target group: 1-4

Load gunpowder shoot

We tell you about how they loaded and fired with Kronan's huge bronze cannons.

Target group: Years 1-4

Pirates and piracy

Who were the pirates who ravaged here in the Baltic Sea or in the Caribbean? Why did they subject themselves and others to this? We tell you facts and stories about these men and women.

Target group: 1-6

Vital talk

A simple workshop where we work on being able to express how you feel and feel. What should I consider to be a good friend?

Target group: Years 3-6

Regal ship Kronan – from ship to wreck

On June 1, 1676, the mighty ship the regal ship Kronan exploded and sank. In the exhibition, we talk about the event, the people, life on board and all the objects that we have taken up from the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Target group: Grades 3-9

Medieval sports

We try different sports that have their roots in the Middle Ages, e.g. ass hook, rolling pin, backward jump and horseshoe throw.

Target group: 3-9

City walks in the Middle Ages and the 17th century

We go on a hike in medieval Kalmar or in Kvarnholmen's 17th-century town. We look at what remains and talk about the houses, places and people who lived their lives on these streets long ago.

Target group: Grades 4-9

Mini guides

This is a longer project where we meet five times, three times at the museum and twice in the classroom. Students are trained to guide the Crown for their loved ones or other classes. This program runs over both the autumn and spring semesters.

Target group: 4-9

Civil courage – Stand up, speak up, think

In this workshop, we work on daring to stand up for oneself but also for others. What is it that influences us to act or not to act, when it feels like something conflicts with my values?

Target group: Years 7-9