Guided tours for preschool and school

Do you want to get in-depth information and an educational experience? Book a guided tour for your school in one of our exhibitions! Our knowledgeable guides make the stay both interesting and memorable. 

We have a wide range of interesting guided tours and workshops for school classes and groups from preschools, elementary schools, high schools, SFI and folk high schools.     

The royal ship Kronan

The roar of cannon volleys is mixed with screams and the gunpowder smoke is dense over the water off Öland. Suddenly the big ship capsizes! A powerful explosion turns the sky blood red. Shipwood is thrown like matches through the air together with people, like disloyal dolls in the sky. The royal ship Kronan has sunk!

Experience the Kronan exhibition with one of our skilled guides and get the whole story about the Kronan, the Great Power Era and world-class Swedish marine archaeological history!

Sandby castle 

Hear the exciting story of a 1,500-year-old massacre in southeastern Öland. Who was responsible for this horrible event? Due to the macabre finds and the exciting archeology, the history of Sandby Castle has become world news due to the unique finds and the murder mystery. Take part in the exhibition with the help of a guided tour and get the story of the dramatic events.

Jenny Nyström

Jenny Nyström (1854-1946) is the Kalmar girl who went to Paris and became one of Sweden's most famous artists. The vast majority of people immediately think of elves when Jenny Nyström's name is mentioned. It was Jenny who gave us our picture of Santa Claus. But few know her artistic background, her original ambitions or what inspired her to create all the illustrations and elf portraits for which she later became best known.

During this guidance, you will get to know Jenny Nyström a little better. We talk about her upbringing, her importance to our image of Christmas and what it was like to be a woman and breadwinner in Sweden around the turn of the last century.

The adventure Superkronan – Shipbuilding

Dive in and learn and play about the regal ship Kronan and life in 17th-century Sweden in a playful and educational way.

Superkronan is the exhibition that is built for children according to the ideas and wishes of children. During this screening, we go on a journey of discovery to the different environments in the exhibition and compare it to our own time. We smell the spices, check in with the boatman, check the lab and talk about different professions on the construction site. Maybe we'll even try loading a cannon! Why was the Crown built? Why did she explode? What was it like to live and work on board? What was it like to be a child then compared to now? What happened if you got sick? What did you used to eat? Did you go to school? What would objects from our time tell us about us? No question is too small!

Masterful metals

Our churches are full of metal objects of various kinds. They tell about Christian faith, symbols and traditions and are an important part of our common cultural heritage. They also show amazing craftsmanship. In the exhibition, unique objects from the county museum's collections are shown together with stories about the customs and practices of older and more recent times. Our knowledgeable guide brings the objects to life and puts them in their historical context as well as tells about traditions, symbols and metal craftsmen now and then. 

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Church of Sweden in Växjö Diocese and the Kalmar County Museum.

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