Textile preservation

Have you bought a vintage dress that is dirty and stained? Does the union's banner need to be fixed? Or is it time to wash the bridal veil that is starting to turn yellow? We accept both antique and modern textiles for conservation and renovation. We can also help those who have a textile collection, e.g. local associations, municipalities and museums, with questions about storage, exhibition and inventory.

At Kalmar County Museum's textile conservation, we use methods that gently cleanse and strengthen textiles. The objects are treated with an awareness of their unique cultural-historical value. We are approved by the County Administrative Board of Kalmar County for the preservation of church textiles protected by the Cultural Environment Act.

The conservation at Kalmar County Museum strives for the objects to continue to be used and exhibited, but also for them to be preserved and displayed in the future.

Textile conservation services:

  • Preserve and renovate textile art
  • Preserve and renovate church textiles
  • Preservation of museum objects
  • Assemble and hang up e.g. banners, tapestries and embroidery
  • Wash and smooth e.g. tablecloths, bridal veils, folk costumes and christening dresses
  • Documentation for care and maintenance plans
  • Advice on storage and pest issues
  • Damage inventories
  • Lectures and workshops on object care and conservation
  • Assembly and exhibition work