Kalmar quiz and tea dance with a jazz quartet at meeting points in Kalmar in a new project

The county museum and the Jan Ottosson quartet have received money from the Kamprad family foundation and will now conduct tea dances with local history quizzes at ten different meeting points in Kalmar municipality.

- This is a fantastically fun project that we are doing to spread joy to a target group that does not always have musical entertainment available. We will take the audience on a gig with the quartet's latest record Jazz on Calamari as a starting point, says Maria Kanje, producer at the Kalmar county museum.

The Kalmar county museum has carried out cultural experiences in nursing homes for many years and in various projects, but this concept is new. The idea for the collaboration was born when the Kampradstiftelsen in its latest call prioritized applications to carry out activities for the elderly that include movement and physical activity.

- Then we came to think of classic afternoon dances, so-called tea dances that many of today's seniors are familiar with from their youth. We will alternate live jazz music that you can dance to with a quiz about well-known places in Kalmar based on the song titles. Kattrumpan, Esplanaden, Sylvanderparken and Tripp trapp trull, for example. We will also show older pictures of people and environments from the museum's collections, says Maria Kanje.

A collaboration with the care administration in Kalmar municipality has been started and the tea dances will be held at nine different meeting points in the municipality between October 2023 and March 2024. At the end of March, the final tea dance will be held at the county museum.

- It is with great joy and anticipation that we look forward to meeting the audience in a pleasant way and sharing our music with you all. Together we hope to create a memorable and harmonious experience for all music lovers and visitors, says Jan Ottosson, conductor of the Jan Ottosson Quartet.

The tea dances will first and foremost be for those who live in a serviced accommodation in connection with the meeting points and their relatives. Subject to space, other interested parties are welcome after registration.

- Thanks to funds from Familjen Kamprad's foundation, we can offer the event at no cost to the audience, says Maria Kanje.

The Jan Ottosson quartet consists of Jan Ottosson, baritone saxophone, Per-Ola Svensson, piano, Douglas Sandor, drums and Ola Petersson, double bass.