Press screening of exhibition about "Kärleksstigen" in Nybro

On the eve of Valborg Fair in connection with the Day of Love in Nybro, the exhibition "Spot on - The greatest of all is love" is inaugurated. We warmly welcome the media to the press screening before the exhibition opens to the public.

Date & Time

Thursday 28 April 2022 at 10.00


The entrance at the Design Archive, Pukebergarnas väg 24, Nybro


Nybro municipality, local companies and Maja Heuer, project manager for Unique historical Kalmar County, are present and available for interviews.


Pre-registration for the press screening takes place to Maja Heuer via e-mail

About the exhibition

The project Unique historical Kalmar county's latest exhibition is connected to the fact that the project in collaboration with Nybro municipality, companies and associations will develop the place "Kärleksstigen", which is part of the Badhusparken in Nybro, during 2022. In addition to various tourism products, exciting experiences will also be created at the "Kärleksstigen" itself, where you can take part in people's stories about love.

Visitors to the exhibition can share personal love experiences that antiquarian Gabriella Johansson from the Kalmar County Museum has collected from Nybrobor. And of course it is the case that Brunnsparken and the area around what is today known as the Path of Love often appear in contemporary love stories! Both Thebacken and Linnéasjön also make a guest appearance in a couple of the recorded stories, which is proof that the area has a connection to all things love and romance.

- With the exhibition, we want to make Kärleksstigen visible as a meeting place through the ages and inspire how Nybrobor's stories together with local history can contribute to new collaborations between different actors to create new tourism products, says Maja Heuer, project manager Unique historical Kalmar county.

The exhibition is shown in the entrance hall at the Design Archive in Pukeberg in Nybro from April 30 to May 22, 2022.

About the project Unique historical Kalmar county

Unique historical Kalmar county is a collaborative project that aims to develop business and association life and create new unique tourism products with cultural heritage as a resource. The project arranges a variety of activities based on visitor destination development through site development. During the course of the project, clusters with different themes are created where companies and associations offer different products. In connection with that, various exhibitions are shown in the form of the recurring exhibition format "Spot on" which shines a light on these themes.

In 2021, various locations in the county have been selected which this year will be developed by creating, arranging and carrying out various recurring events with experience and visit packages.

Kalmar Municipality is the project owner with the Kalmar County Museum as a collaborative partner. Other partners are the municipalities of Emmaboda, Hultsfred, Högsby, Mörbylånga, Nybro, Oskarshamn, Torsås, Vimmerby and Västervik as well as Region Kalmar County, the County Administrative Board in Kalmar County, the Linnaeus University, Destination Kalmar, the Kalmar County Homestead Association and Öland's Homestead Association.

The project extends from January 2021 to April 2023 and is financed by participating actors, Region Kalmar County and the EU's regional fund.

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