Platform for the development of cultural heritage in Kalmar County

Kalmar county is characterized by its different landscapes, different ages and traditions. It is a county that tells its history through a diversity of cultural environments and cultural heritage, some well-known others less well-known.

Kalmar county has strong brands that are among the best known in the hospitality industry in Sweden. They are based on historical places, events and people. Beyond these destinations is a potential of undeveloped, forgotten or quite inaccessible places. Cultural heritage and cultural environments are assets that create identity and context for residents and are attractive to visitors. They are a potential for the development of the hospitality industry and for regional development.

In order to support the development of cultural heritage within the tourism industry and regional development, the Kalmar County Museum, the Kalmar County Administrative Board and the Kalmar County Region have jointly created a platform from which to start. We three parties can do a lot to take advantage of and develop the county's cultural heritage. But only together with everyone else who works with the county's cultural heritage; associations, the tourism industry, municipalities and many other local actors, cultural heritage can reach its full potential for sustainable development.

This platform shall function as a support in the work to develop, communicate and make available the county's cultural heritage and cultural environments.

Platform for the development of cultural heritage in Kalmar County (pdf)