Dendrochronology and building survey at Fröreda Storegård

Fröreda Storegård is located in Hultsfred municipality and is one of Kalmar County's many architectural monuments. The farm is old, but no one knows when the houses that exist today were built. Therefore, the Kalmar County Museum and the Järeda Hembygdsförening sought money from the Kalmar County County Administrative Board and from the Kalmar County Homestead Association's foundation Håkansonska fonden to investigate the farm more closely. The investigations have now resulted in a report and a film. We have also conducted an information day for the local community association on site in Fröreda.

See the film about Fröreda Storegård, (, new window)

Dendrochronological sampling and building antiquarian investigation by Fröreda Storegård (pdf)

Thanks to Lisbeth Lennartsson, Kalmar county's home village association, for allowing us to borrow parts of her film from Fröredadagen. You can find her film in its entirety on Youtube (new window).